Saturday, 26 January 2013

Review: e.l.f. Studio Lip Exfoliator

Since September 2012, has been introducing a host of new products and I must say the minute I saw this particular product, I said to myself "Self, you have to get this!!!!"

I purchased mine from a FB online beauty supplier by the name of Halèner Rustique and I must say I am definitely satisfied with this product.  My lips get chapped often as I work in an air-conditioned environment as well as our climate is very warm.  Now while good lip balms helps restore moisture, it won't remove all the flakiness that usually accompanies chapped lips, so when I saw this product I went bananas.
I didn't need to read or view any reviews on this product for it to be sold in my eyes.

So here is my honest review after using this product for sometime:


As with e.l.f.'s Studio Line, the packaging is very sleek and the matte black tube that the product is in  looks exactly like a lipstick tube.


The lip exfoliator itself has a thin layer of wax so the exfoliating granules was exposed to my lips almost immediately after I started to apply it to my lips.  The texture is as if you are rubbing actual sugar on your lips and the wax is very moisturizing.  The smell and taste makes you want to bite off the stick and eat it (please don't eat it lol).  This exfoliator is infused with natural ingredients such as Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Jojoba, Avocado and Grape Oils.


Dampen a cotton round and rub on your lips.
Take the Lip Exfoliator and rub in circular motions on your lips. This will relieve the lips of flakes and restore them to their smooth soft feel.
Take another cotton round, dampen it and wipe off the product.
Your lips should feel moist and soft.
Optional: I usually take my EOS Lip Balm and apply it to my lips after the Lip Exfoliator process.

Overall I give this product:


and I recommend you purchase this and try it, especially if your lips are always chapped and don't think for a minute that a man can't use it, it's for both women and men.

It can be purchased on for $3. USD and locally here in Trinidad from Halèner Rustique for $30 TTD.

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