Sunday, 9 February 2014

Review: LeeAnni Eco 3 in 1 RevoLotion

Ipsy gives you amazing opportunities to try new, never seen products either in full size, deluxe size or sample size and you get 4-5 of those products for just $10 USD. In January's Ipsy bag I got some new products and one of them was the LeeAnni Eco 3 in 1 RevoLotion Toner, Serum and Moisturizer in one. The website says that "This Revolutionary Lotion will save you time during busy morning rush and moisturize your face all day long!" Now I have read a couple reviews and honestly they were not so positive and I said to myself that I must try this product to see what all this negativity buzz is about because I know Ipsy isn't going to have you use some "fly-by-night" product to mess up your skin or face. However the only place I saw positive comments about this moisturizer was on their website, so I really needed to check this out. So here is my review:


This was a sample size so the packaging wasn't too exorbitant. It was in this little plastic container, no writings on it and just a little brown sticker to the top of the cover with the name of the product and the website. In my opinion I think the packaging for this could have been a bit more informative, like letting persons know what the product contains than have you actually go to their website to try to find it and read up about it, I mean in all truth LeeAnni did say that this is to be used "during busy morning rush". So it should have said a bit more on the packaging.


Now the product looked like, could I be honest here for a second?? It looked a bit like semen in a container, I do apologize but that is what came to my mind when I uncovered it. However I proceeded straight to the website to read up on this product.  The website said:

"Properties of ingredients: Help tighten skin, reduce breakouts, relieve dark circles under Eyes, moisturize, fight aging, treat sun damages, and calm irritated skin" It also said "Gluten-Free * Natural"

On reading this I was immediately willing to try this, as lately I have been getting dark circles under my eyes, I sometimes need something to moisturize my face when it's dry and I have been gravitating towards a lot of products that fights aging. So this product seemed right up my alley. Just the look of it was a bit disturbing to me personally, my opinion. In regards to scent, to me it didn't really have much of a scent to it which is another positive for me, I don't really like moisturizers with a scent.


The application is simple like any other face products, I usually dab a dot on my forehead, a dot on each cheek, a dot on my nose and a dot on my chin and proceed to rub in a circular motion upwards into the skin. I try my utmost best to not rub downwards as your skin can start sagging early in your growing years, so to speak, so try massaging upwards.


So here is the part I have been awaiting to discuss. I actually love this product for the very short time I have been using it as it was only a sample size I got. I used it every night, before I went to bed. I woke up with my face feeling really moisturized and soft to the touch.  I actually saw less dark circles under my eyes, of course I guess I would have to purchase the full size to see better results and my skin seemed a bit tighter and usually I breakout with a pimple or two before my period and to be honest this month of February there was no pimple breakout, which I didn't even know until writing this review that it was thanks to this 3 in 1 RevoLotion product. I actually loved it, too bad it was sample, so mine is done. My only negative of the product is that on the sample it had no proper explanation of the ingredients and what this product can do for your skin, which will make anybody skeptical to try it. But I loved it and I give this product


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