Wednesday, 16 January 2013

How to Prevent Your Foundation from looking white

Picture this:

You all glammed up, looking fierce and hautè, the photographer comes to you, you give your modelesque pose, he snaps a picture.  Over the next few days you wait for the pics to appear on FB.  You shuffle through all the photography pages, hoping you come across the event, you finally do then BAM!!! You see your pic, outfit looking fierce then you see your face - whomp, whomp, whomp - You look like a ghost from Christmas past - face all white.

We have all experienced our faces looking different from our bodies at least once in our life.  Shameful enough there are persons going through that everyday, as they have not found their ideal foundation color. If you wanna know how you can prevent your foundation from looking white...then this blog is especially for YOU!!!

Most of us have uneven skin pigmentation and find that at least one area on our face is darker or lighter than the rest.  From dark circles to acne scars, blemishes, darkness around the mouth, you name, most of us have it.  We then look to foundation to give us that porcelain look whereby our face looks even toned and glowy. I have discovered a few techniques that work well for me and I want to share it with you guys in hope that it will help you too.


Good skin care always comes first!!! Makeup is an art and no artist likes working on a dirty canvas.  Treat your face like a canvas, keep it clean by cleansing, toning and moisturizing.  You want to stay away from those greasy, heavy creams since these types of creams will only make your foundation slide right off your face.


A primer should be used before application of a foundation.  The silicones found within the primer helps give a smooth base for the foundation to be applied.  Here is a great trick if you run out of or don't have a primer:

Take an ice cube, wrap it in a kerchief and gently apply it over your face.  

This helps to close your pores and ensures that your makeup stays fresh longer.


Foundations come in a variety of forms - liquid, cream, whipped, mousse, and even cream to powder finish. You must now choose a formula based on your needs.  Liquid and cream foundations are best suited for persons with dry skin.  However there are cream foundations that set to a powder finish that will work best for someone with oily skin.  You must also consider they type of coverage you would like.  If you have good skin and want that glowy, natural finish, you want a sheer coverage foundation.  If you have skin blemishes and spots, you would prefer a cream or liquid foundation to give more coverage.

Selecting the Perfect Shade is a daunting, difficult task for most of us.  But I have come across a trick - get a shade a little darker than your skin complexion - even though Professional MUA's will say this is a NO-NO, as most experts say to get a foundation a shade lighter than your skin color, however this is exactly what contributes to your face looking like a ghost and it shows that you are definitely wearing foundation.  Using a darker shade will make you seem as though you have a slight tan and it's a risk I take whenever I don't get my "perfect" shade. So ask yourself - Do I prefer to look like a ghost or do I prefer to look tanned?


What is your Skin Tone??  Many people suffer from not knowing if they are cool skin toned or warm skin toned.  Now if for some reason the Beauty Store you visit does not provide a tester for the foundation you would like to purchase, one way for you to determine what shade of foundation is best for you is first you must know what is your skin tone and without testing you are left pondering what to do.  So here is a little help for you to get an idea:

Look at the underside of your wrist

  • If your veins appear mostly greenish in color, then you have a WARM SKIN TONE. For this tone, the    foundation that suits you are ones that has a yellow, gold or peach undertone.
  • If your veins appear mostly bluish or purple, then you have a COOL SKIN TONE. For this tone, the foundation that suits you are ones with a blue or pink undertone.


If you have uneven skin tone, sometimes you may notice that using a single shade may leave your face looking white or grey, and uneven skin tone for some people may be under your eyes and at your jawline.

Firstly use a layer of foundation that matches your skin tone, then use a concealer that is one shade
darker or lighter, depending on the discoloration, only on the areas that needs more coverage.  Persons with acne-prone skin that has alot of blemishes/spots to cover can use this technique.  So instead of wearing layers and layers of foundation, which will only clog your pores and lead to more acne, use a single base layer of foundation and dot concealer onto the spots and blend the outer corners.  If you want a dewy/shiny finish, mix liquid highlighter with your foundation and then apply.


There are many types of foundation brushes available for your convenience - from the traditional flat brush, the duo fiber brush, the stippling brush, the flat top buffer brush straight to the kabuki brush. Of course you choose one that you are comfortable with.  However good news, in case you can't afford those high end brushes or for some reason you just can't find yours, don't be dismayed, you can use your fingers!! Yes, your fingers.  Dot the foundation all over your face, blend downwards, never in a circular motion, and blend into your skin.  When you have blended it in, take a regular blush brush, spritz some rose water or even regular water onto the bristles, shake off the excess then proceed to blend the foundation, for better results hold the bristles together so that they appear tightly packed.  This will give you a glowy, non-streaky finish.


Now you have to set that foundation to make it last longer and keep your face with a matte finish, so you set your foundation with a translucent loose powder.  Instead of using a powder brush, try using a regular powder puff and press the powder in gently to your face.  After pressing the powder into your skin, dust off the excess with a brush.  If you have dry skin, apply the powder to the areas that you may see some shine.  Use pressed powder foundation if you have oily skin and mineral powder foundation if you have dry skin.


That hint of color on your cheeks just gives you a glow beyond compare.  When it comes to blush you don't have to stick to the pink colors.  You can use earthy brown based pinks or peachy colors, which appear very natural.  HINT: If you have a round face, contour your cheekbones or use a bronzer.  If you're not too sure how to contour, stick to highlighting. I usually take a slightly shimmery pinky shade and I apply it lightly to the high points of my cheeks, the bridge of my nose, my brow bone and my cupid's bow.


This is something that not too many persons know, you are probably asking what is that?  This is the final step and one that works well with any foundation and makes a BIG, BIG difference.  So you are done, with all the steps mentioned, take a face towel that has been dampened with water - NOT WET, just DAMP, and gently press it against your face, don't rub.  An easy method for the towel to be damp, place it in the freezer for some time.. This will gently lift the excess makeup, close your pores and give you a dewy, natural finish, it also helps to control oil and make you look fresh and awake.  If you have dry skin, you can use plain rose water that's been in the fridge and spritz directly on your face and let it air dry.  So you don't need to go spending tons of money on those high end facial mists.

Hope this helped you out with choosing the right foundation and how to properly apply it.  Stay posted for more tips on how to apply/use your makeup.

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Thanks so much for stopping by and stay posted for more blogging!!!!!


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    1. Thx Jezel!!! Appreciate it, hope this helped in some way...

  2. thankyou very helpfull! I had a question does your face only appear white on pictures where you used the flash or do people also see that your face is white? Because I looked in the mirror and my face didn't look white, but when I took a picture using the flash my face was white. Sorry for anonymous but I don't have an account..

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