Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Review: NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder (For those Movie Star Brows)

I am really obsessed with eyebrows, in my opinion once your brows are poppin' your face stands out, with and without makeup, yes without makeup.  Having well defined brows is the key to pulling off dramatic looks and it adds character and definition to the face.  Now I have used different brow shaping products, from eyebrow pencils to different eyebrow kits, but I am swearing hands down, that the NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder is the best!!!!! I am hooked and I don't think I ever want to try anything else. I mark this product as a MUST HAVE.


It's a really neat, cute little palette that can fit in the palm of your hands and you can even drop it in your makeup bag (however I don't see the need to walk around with it and you'll see why later on).  It has a transparent cover on the top with the brand name and product name written on it. It has the wax on the left side and there are 2 similar colored shades of powder on the right.  I have ECP02 which is the Dark Brown/Brown shade.  It also comes with a really cute spoolie and a slanted brow brush. To be honest I don't use those 2 brushes as with any palette or product that comes with a brush.  I'm not saying that it won't work but I just don't use them.


So there is the wax, which is white and sticky to the feel and then there is the powder - 2 slightly different color shades which seems as though you will never hit pan.  The wax finishes long before the powder.  You can even use the powder as a transition color on your eyes, I have done it already.


TOP: Before filling brows
BELOW: After filling brows

Looking at the palette you may go "Hmm, I have no idea what to do" But it's easier than 1,2,3..  You dip your slanted brow brush in the wax, taking up a little as it's very sticky, then you dip it in either one or both of the powders and fill in your brows and that's it.  No rocket science to it, it's that easy. Don't let the palette intimidate you like it did to me.


So I want to be honest with you guys, and don't even laugh, but when I first bought this it sat in my makeup collection for about 2 months because I did not know how to use it. I asked a couple persons and I just could not comprehend their explanation, as I thought it sounded really weird - dip the brush in the white waxy substance then dip it in the powder and fill in my brows.  I was like "wax??" But one day I decided to use it and WOWEEE!!! I loved it, it's like Cupid shot me and that was the first thing I saw to fall in love with. I was a bit intimidated and I guess I was actually scared to try something new, I was actually using e.l.f. Studio Eyebrow Kit, which I thought was the B-O-M-B, but I have to admit this NYX product is one of their best inventions. As mentioned you don't need to walk around with this in your makeup bag, this has your brows lasting up to 12 hours, with unnoticeable fading. For a more softer look, you can just use the powder to fill in the brows.  The only negative about this product is the fact that the wax finishes before the powder, which makes alot of wastage. But I don't care,  I recommend this for everyone!!!!

I give this product


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