Monday, 15 April 2013

Review: Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in Fifth Ave Fuchsia

The first time I got this was - welllll I really can't remember lol. But I don't think I bought it, I believe I was given this as a gift. And lately I am really appreciative that I got this lipstick, it is my go to everyday lip color, no matter where I go - work, club, grocery shopping, mall, you name it, I will be wearing it.


I'm not too sure how I feel about the packaging but let me tell you - it's this pink kind of transparent hard plastic cover with Color Sensational written on a barcode sticker on it (not too fond of that) and the underneath of the lipstick has the name of it. When the pink casing is removed the lipstick is cased in a silver bullet-like tube.


When I opened this the scent is what amazed me - it smelt like vanilla & coconut infused together. It's very creamy and moisturizing, which is absolutely a plus.  It has been stated that in the tube it looks spot on like MAC's Girl About Town. I don't own that MAC lippie so I can't say for sure if that is true in real, but from pics it really looks similar, however this reminds me of one of my favorite lippies of all time - Wet n Wild 511B Noveau Pink - a sort of blue-toned pink.  I just love the fact that this is very moisturizing on the lips, not drying it out at all.


Applying it regular like any other lipstick. Just remember this lipstick is really moisturizing and creamy.


I am loving this lipstick, the color, the creaminess, the moisture.  I was never a pinky girl, but I think most of us say that until we get an amazing pink color on our lips and get tons of compliments.  This lipstick smells like coconut, however it fades. It lasted about 3 hours on my lips, so I would reapply during the day, but for the look this gives me I don't mind.

I give this product


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