Sunday, 5 January 2014


Wow, it was an extremely busy 2013 for me and yes I must agree I have been totally ignoring this blog, BUT not this year - 2014 has amazing things to look forward to on all my social media outlets!!! Just in case you see my previous blog pics missing, it's because Google messed up my stuff, soo angry about that, but, let's move forward..
I will be spending a lot of time updating you with everything - Makeup, Fashion, Blogmas', and so much more!! Just keep posted and enjoy!!

To kick off the New Year, how about some fashion?? So lately a lot of African-y print styles are becoming huge all around the world. Check out some pics of ways females can wear the traditional Dashiki in a non-traditional way and still look like the star of the day or night.  You will definitely turn heads.

 With a belt
Without a belt

 With a pair of short and an over the shoulder purse
With a clutch
Without belt or clutch and a pair of shorts

Shorts: Micles Fashion
Jeans: Anand's Fashion Store
Accessories: Wonderful World
Clutch: Wonderful World
Chain: Gifted