Friday, 31 January 2014

Review - "Like" Urban Decay NAKED 2 Palette

In all my life I have never really been the one to buy "knock-off" products, but since coming into the world of makeup, I realized that there are makeup products that are duplicated (called dupes) and cost a lot cheaper than the high end makeup brands.  In no way I want to discredit the high end brands but I want to say I tend to be very frugal at times when spending money on makeup.  I have also learned that there is cheap makeup out there that can do the same if not better than some of the high end makeup products.

Here is my quick review on a dupe aka "like" product - the Naked 2 palette. I stumbled across this palette on ebay and decided I should give it a try.


As you can clearly see the packaging is different from the original UD Naked 2 palette. It came in a box and there was not any lipgloss included.  This only came with a brush. Now the palette packaging itself is just as sturdy as the original. The brush is also sturdy.


Comparing to the original Naked 2 palette, the name remains the same.  As I have never owned the original palette I cannot compare the pigmentation of the eyeshadows, but I absolutely love the texture of them. The shimmer ones are so soft and glides on easily to the skin, the matte ones are a bit chalky, but I don't mind. 


Here is a very simple look I created using the palette.  It lasted all day with the primers I used and they did not crease.


In my opinion I am loving this palette thus far.  I get to do alot of different natural, neutral and smokey looks. This palette can give looks for both day and night. I call it my one stop shop palette.  I enjoy this and maybe just maybe, one day I would consider spending $52 USD for the original and see which one I love better.  I give this palette


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