Sunday, 16 March 2014

Review: Sleek MakeUp - Photos & Swatches

I was rummaging through my makeup collection and came across my Sleek Makeup palettes, I totally forgot I had these. But then I remembered why I pushed them aside, as it wasn't anything that I thought it would have been, especially since they were a bit pricey and I must say that their black packaging was an instant catch.
So I have 3 Eyeshadow palettes and two Blush by 3 palettes, and honestly I think the relationship between Sleek and myself may sadly be over as I was not impressed by their palettes. Sleek MakeUp is a UK-based brand and I even read that the Acid Palette which has the neon theme has been restricted for purchase through Sleek MakeUp directly due to the neon pigments used in some of the eyeshadows are not FDA approved for use on the immediate eye area. Honestly this did not ring any fire bells off in my head as personally, once you apply a primer first on your eye, it's a sort of protection from the direct pigment on your skin, so this issue was trivial for me. So without further ado, let's delve into the palettes I got:

ACID PALETTE (aka The Box of Carnival as I call it)

This palette is Sleek's most brightly neon-colored eyeshadow. It consists of 12 shades with no names to them and honestly it isn't anything I thought it would have been. I found that the matte neon-hued shades are extremely chalky which prevents the actual color in the palette to show up on your eyes, no matter what primer you use. To get them to show (as in my pics) I had to heavily pack on the eyeshadow, which will be a bit too much if it was on my eyes.  However the frosted, shimmery shades are divine, as the textures are creamy and buttery and the color pay off is fantastic.

Frost finish
Fucshia-Magenta with blue undertone 
Matte finish
Neutral-Warm white tone 
Matte finish
Matte finish
Bright Tangerine-Orange

Frost finish
Medium-Dark Cornflower Blue
Frost Finish
Light-Medium Sky Blue
Matte Finish
Medium-Dark Magenta purple
Sheen Finish
Light-Medium Yellow toned Green
Matte Finish
Neon Magenta
Matte Finish
Light-Medium Neon Green
Frost Finish
Medium Cool Tone Silver Shimmer Grey
Matte Finish
Deep Dark Black


This palette consists of 12 warm colors, hence the name Sunset. It is amazingly pigmented seeing that all shades are frosted and shimmery, except the black which is a satin-matte. All the other colors are creamy in texture, almost like butter, so much at times it crumbles and the color pay off is amazing. Unlike the Acid palette I did not have to pack on the shadow. This palette impressed me the most, I think in my opinion may be one of their best palettes. Only thing I wished for is that it had names to the shades.

Satin-Matte Finish
Medium-Dark Black
Frosted-Metallic Finish
Vibrant Red with Warm Orange undertone
Frosted-Metallic Finish
Warm-Dull Copper with Brown undertone
Frosted-Metallic Finish
Bright Tangerine-Orange with Yellow undertone
Frosted-Metallic Finish
Medium Yellow-Gold
Frosted-Shimmer Finish
Light-Medium Blue
Frost Finish
Dark Burgundy Brown with Copper undertone
Frost Finish
Copper-Red with Warm undertone
Shimmery-Sheen Finish
Rusty Orange-Brown with Golden undertone
Frosted-Metallic Finish
Rose Gold 
Frost Finish
Light-Medium Pink


The reason for my purchase of this palette was because I thought after the failure of the matte shades in the Acid palette, for some reason I thought Sleek would have gone back to the drawing board and try to come back with a different matte texture to their matte shades, which they sort of did, the matte shades are a bit softer and a bit creamier but you still have to pack it on heavily, which is not something I like doing with eyeshadow. Again 12 shades, very colorful, very catchy to the eyes and they have names to them.

Baby Sky Blue
Fuchsia Pink with Blue undertone
Medium-Dark Teal
Medium-Dark Fuchsia Pink
Bright Medium-Deep Yellow
Light-Medium Green
Medium-Deep Sky Blue
Medium-Deep Tangerine Orange
Soft-Light Baby Pink
Light-Medium Grey White
Soft White



On the packaging Sleek states that these are intensely pigmented matte and shimmer blushers and it can be layered to achieve the desired look. I'm not gonna say I don't like it, but I don't love it either, again the matte shades comes off a bit chalky. There are 2 matte shades on both ends and a shimmer bronze-like shade in the center.


Now this palette is strictly about orange. The 2 shades at the ends are 2 different shades of orange, one plain orange, the other a coral orange shade, the center shade is a shimmery highlighter like shade.

My experience with Sleek MakeUp wasn't the best, but I have them and I intend to use it whenever I can, I was just disappointed that for such a pricey product, it did not live up to the standard I would have expected it to be.  I do not think I will be purchasing anymore Sleek products but I know there are a lot of products they have that may make me change my mind from the bad taste these left in my mind.
For the products I mentioned I give this


If you have had a better experience with Sleek MakeUp, let me know in the comments, I would love to hear from you.

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  1. I have the sugar blush palette and I love the middle shade probably the best! I prefer their blush singles though

  2. Yes yes, I can agree to you on that middle shade, I love that on too, I should try a couple the single blushes!! Thanks Naomi!!!