Sunday, 7 July 2013

Review - Big Sexy Hair Spray&Play Hairspray

I got this hairspray in my January Ipsy Bag, and when I saw it I was like "Damn, something I don't think I'm gonna use" and let me tell you - I WAS SOO WRONG!!!!! For the month of April, I have used this more than ever, so much that it's DONE, KAPUT...I mean it was a travel size 50ml bottle.

Now I had no idea that Big Sexy Hair's Spray&Play Hairspray is the brand's most famous product, until I used it. I never even heard about this brand until I got it in my Ipsy bag, because I was never into hairsprays, like ever, but Big Sexy Hair has convinced me that I NEED hairspray, not just any hairspray, but theirs lol. So the following is my review on this hairspray.


The packaging is great.  It comes in a metallic red metal can, with a black plastic cap.  The Big Sexy Hair logo is written down the side of the can in black and silver and the product name is at the front. Taking off the cap reveals the spray mechanism to which I must say distributes the product evenly.


The smell of this hairspray isn't overpowering which I lovvvee.  It sprays out evenly when I use it.  It mists all over, wherever you want it to go, it doesn't stray, so to speak.


Just spray it over your styled hair and walla!!! It lasts very long.


Now my hair is naturally very curly, lately I have been pressing my hair out, which makes it straight and trust me, Big Sexy's Spray&Play makes my hair last for DAYS, did you just read that - for DAYS.  Even though my hair lasts for days, it still stays soft, but the hold is for long and it gives my hair volume, my hair looks 10 times thicker than it really is, total OMG moment. It isn't affected by heat, humidity, grease or sweat and it washes out easily. It keeps my hair in place without making it heavy or rock hard. I totally recommend this hairspray for at home and even the hair salons.  I give this


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  1. thanks for showing how to use hair spray i found better results after knowing how to use hair spray