Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Eye Primer Review: Benefit Stay Don't Stray Eye

If you have been watching my YouTube vids you would have seen me raving like hell about this eye primer.  The Makeup Cupid has absolutely struck me when it comes to this product.  Unfortunately I have only been able to get the sample size bottles, but I have been making pretty good use of them.  Trust me when I say this product lasts LOOOOONNNNNGGGGG, as a little goes a long way.

Benefit's Stay Don't Stray states that it is a "dual action power primer that works 360 degrees around the eyes to make concealers AND eyeshadows STAY PUT" which I endorse 100%.  This over eye primer comes in 2 neutral shades - Light/Medium & Medium/Deep.


My sample packaging is like a little cutie pie, and it's only while I was doing this review, while examining the bottle to give my review on how the packaging is I saw that the word stay is transparently printed all over it, lol.  On the front of the bottle it's hard to believe that they actually got the phrase "Stay Don't Stray" written in black on it as this sample is really small. It has a little black cap on it as well which reveals the tiny doe foot applicator.


Left Swatch - Unblended
Right Swatch - Blended

This primer has a light, neutral beige color.  It blends out so easily leaving an opaque yet colorless finish on some complexions, however on a woman of color like myself, it leaves a slightly whitish appearance. You get full coverage so if there are any blemishes or veins on your eyes, it vanishes when this primer is applied.  I have never used this as a concealer so I am unable to confirm if it gives as good coverage as it does on the eyelid.  The product has a thick viscosity therefore not much is needed to prime the eyes, as mentioned before a little goes a long way.  This keeps my eyeshadow in place like never before, it don't crease and it lasts me all day and I have alot of 12 hour days inclusive of working out at the gym and my eyeshadow be popping!!!! It gives my eyeshadow that boost of intensity I love and that is a + in my book.


Left Swatch - No Primer
Right Swatch - Benefit Primer

According to Benefit, they suggest that you apply 6 dots of the product - 3 on the eyelid and 3 under the eye, however as I mentioned earlier, I have never used this for concealing and to be honest 3 dots on the eyelid is too much for me, the most I use is 2 dots and that covers all up to my brow bone.  I blend it in and it becomes colorless.  I then either apply my eyeshadow or sometimes I apply a base on top of the primer.  My eyeshadow goes on smoothly and it enhances the color by 100 times.


I recommend this primer and even though there are many more affordable primers out there that may do the same, I personally trust in Benefit hence why I am a bit biased towards it.  I love this primer and I give it


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  1. It's crazy how much a primer chages the appearance & staying power of shadows! I use the elf eyelid primer & liner sealer - awesome product & so affordable!


    1. Would you believe I have the that elf eyelid primer and sealer and I just have it sitting there?? I'm so gonna use it and give a review on it!!!