Sunday, 3 February 2013

Brush Review: e.l.f. Essential/Professional Total Face Brush

e.l.f. Cosmetics is one of the most affordable beauty product providers ever, in my opinion that is.  I have been using e.l.f. products for sometime now and I have little or no complaints with their products.  One of their products I have used, is their Total Face Brush from their Essential Line.  I use this to apply my face powder sometimes, and if you continue reading you will understand why I say "sometimes".
e.l.f. states that this brush has "soft caressing bristles that allows for soothing application for facial and bronzing powders" which I don't totally agree with.


The brush came in a clear pouch with a plastic brush guard, which I threw out.  The cardboard insert gives the customer a comprehensive explanation about the brush and the company.  The brush is very large, with a wooden handle that's white and it has the brush name written on it.  It feels pretty sturdy and the ferrule seems to be well attached, which is a positive for e.l.f. as the Essential/Professional line is known for their poor quality and instability   The bristles are a reddish-brownish color and mine was dense.  However I have heard persons complain that it isn't as dense as it looks.  But again another thing e.l.f. is known for, is their inconsistent production of the products.  I will explain later down in my review. The shape is ok and standard for a powder brush.with a slight dome to the top.  The bristles are synthetic and as with all e.l.f. products they are vegan friendly and cruelty free.


Now my personal opinion on this brush is that it scratches my face whenever I apply my face powder, it isn't close to the statement that e.l.f. made about it being "soft caressing bristles...." The quality for me is actually worth the cost $1 USD or as in our country it retails at $12 TTD.  It is irritating for me to use and I only use this when I don't have a choice (when I can't find my other face brushes on hand). And whenever I apply my powder alot of the bristles fall out on my face which I absolutely hate.


This brush only can be used for lightly dusting on powder as it isn't stiff enough to apply colored product and please I advise you DO NOT use this to apply any liquid product, it will FAIL MISERABLY, trust me I tried (unfortunately).  This isn't a versatile product but as I mentioned before it's only worth $1 USD, which is extremely cheap. However I must admit that I have washed mine 3 times and it stood the wash test well and funny enough it didn't shed as much as it did on my face when I applied the powder - weird but true.  I actually only would recommend this if you can't afford a better brush.  I think the  problem lies with the fact that the bristles quality.  e.l.f. isn't consistent with the manufacturing of their products, one time it comes one way, then another time the same exact product comes another way.

I give this product


I will not repurchase, it does not bring any comfort to my face when I apply my powder and I hate a product that brings more pain than pleasure to me. So I suggest that you don't get this, unless you really want to experience it for yourself.

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